Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More compact Raspberry Pi A+ costs only $20

If you thought a $25 Raspbery Pi was a real steal, what would you say if you could get a smaller and more efficient one for just $20? That's precisely what you'll be able to do with their new Raspberry Pi Model A+.

The new Raspberry Pi Model A+ is identical to the original Raspberry Pi Model A, with the BCM2835 chip and 256MB RAM, but is now a lot smaller - which will make it easier to embed in a number of projects - and, perhaps more important, also consumes less power, which will be of interest to everyone using it in battery operated modes.

Just like what they've done with the B+, you also get added benefits, like 40 GPIO pins, new push-push microSD socket, and enhanced audio quality. Considering you get all this for just $20... and your mind will start to wonder about how and where you'll be able to put this device to good use.

If a low cost Arduino is enough to make us put one "everywhere", having a full fledged computer for under $20 takes things even further - and you'll just need to glimpse some of the many projects that have been done (and are still being done) using the Raspberry Pi to quickly find out one you'll say "I could use one of those!"

It's kind of worrying you might end up paying more for a microSD card than for the computer you'll be using it on. But, if one extrapolates for the next couple of years, will there be a time when we'll be able to get a Raspberry Pi for under $10? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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