Friday, December 5, 2014

Google gets rid of the nasty reCAPTCHAs for humans

If you're tired of proving you're human by deciphering increasingly undecipherable texts shown on the CAPTCHA tests, you'll like to know that Google seems to have finally put an end to it - and from now on... you'll be able to prove you're human with a single click thanks to the "no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA".

CAPTCHAs are the automated tests used when a service needs to ensure there's a real person filling in the data (instead of an automated system abusing the service). But technology has evolved to the point that machines are now able to solve reCAPTCHA with relative ease. Google has been investigating lots of other methods to simplify reCAPTCHA for humans and now it seems to have finally done so.

This new "no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA" allows you to prove you're not a robot with a single click on a check-box. How does it do that? Well, instead of relying on a single input, the system analyzes your behavior for the entire time you're on the form. It will check to see if you move your mouse pointer around as you fill in the values; if you're typing in a "humanly fashion"; and lots of other indicators that will be able to differentiate between a real person and an automated service.

If the system still has doubts about it, it can still request you to decipher text, or select a bunch of related images.

Let's hope that, for the most part, the simple check box checking will be enough!

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