Thursday, February 5, 2015

Microsoft lets you try its future universal Office app for Windows 10

Microsoft wants its Windows 10 to be the first truly "universal" platform, spanning from the tiniest smarpthones (and even embedded devices) to the largest screens, and now we get to see how the future universal Office will be.

The universal Office for Windows 10 is now available, in "technical preview" form, and likewise, it will offer a similar experience for people using it in either a smartphone or a desktop with a Ultra HD screen.

It's easy to see where MS got its inspiration. Gone are the messy and "scary" toolbars and ribbons filled with icons; replaced with a much cleaner and attractive "mobile/web" look we got to see in the iPad and Android versions of Office. It's definitely a change for the better, as the "old" Office seemed to have grown out of its real user base (most people still want to do just the "simple stuff" and have no need for 90% of the things that were available to them).

Anyway, we'll have to see how this simplification works for those users that actually need all those advanced features Office is known for. Making a complex product look simple isn't an easy task, but that's precisely why MS is allowing people to try out this universal Office starting today, so it can get feedback from all sorts of users. If they pull it off, it may be just what they need to prevent people from running away from Office and into other productivity suites.

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