Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nutshells makes creating mini-videos as easy as snapping 3 photos

Tired of sharing your most memorable moments with boring static photos? Have you wished you could create snappy short videos that would be remembered for eternity, but failed miserably whenever you tried any video editing app? With Nutshell you can do it by simply snapping three photos.

True, there are several other apps that turn a set of photos into videos, with good or not so good results - and that try to save us from those boring, never ending, slideshow sessions of your family/friends' holiday photos. But this Nutshell (for now available only for iOS) puts you in total control and you need only to snap three photos.

Well... three photos is just the start, as you can then linger for as long as you want, adding texts and funny effects (in a very easy way) to create your masterpiece.

It's a free app, that doesn't even try to lure you into in-app purchases for added effects. So, be sure to try it out and add some motion to your memories.

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