Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Apple Watch starts at $349 ends at $17,000

Apple has finally announced the thing everyone was waiting for, the upcoming Apple Watches prices. We already knew it would start at $349, but now we find out where the endpoint is... and it's $17,000!

Apple Watch will be available in three different price levels: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and the more exclusive Apple Watch Edition - all in two different size versions (38 and 42mm) and with an wide assortment of bracelets.

Apple Watch Sport is made in aluminium and reinforced glass, and starts at $349 and $399 depending on its size. The bracelet is made in a synthetic rubberized material.

Then we have Apple Watch, in stainless steel and saphire glass. The prices start at $549/599 and can nearly double to $1049/1009 if you choose the most expensive metal bracelet.

And finally we have the Apple Watch Edition, in gold or pink gold and starting at $10,000. Depending on your preferences, it can go up to $17,000!

Apple Watch has a speaker and mic that allows you to take/make calls, and it can track your activity and heart rate. You can even use it to control your home (should you have all the required gizmos for that). And battery life ends up being merely satisfactory... you'll need to recharge it every single day (18h of regular use according to Apple).

You'll be able to get one on April 24th, with pre-orders starting on Apple 10th. You'll need an iPhone with iOS 8.2 (available now) to use it - iPads and iPod Touch won't do the trick.

[presentation video available]

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