Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Apple is taping iPhone and MacBook cameras of Apple Watch developers

Apple is well known for the shroud of secrecy surrounding the development of their products, but apparently they're now trying to keep secrets regarding devices they've already shown to the public - which is really strange. Even though the Apple Watch has already been announced, developers are still required to follow strict rules, including taping over the iPhone and MacBook cameras.

We all know how Steve Jobs imposed strict rules to ensure no one would know what Apple would be presenting at each iPhone and iPad announcement. Since then, it has been increasingly for any company to keep their products in absolute secret (people keep close tabs in each and every possible supplier, tracking large orders and figuring out what the future devices will use) - and now Apple seems to want to keep secret even publicly shown devices.

Developers wishing to try out their Apple Watch apps will be able to to so in WatchKit Labs Apple is promoting around the world. But to do so, they'll have to follow strict rules that include taping over their iPhone and Macbook cameras.

This is strange, considering the Apple Watch has been announced, with most specs and capabilities already listed on Apple's official website. What do you figure this might be: just a simple rule that has been kept since before the Apple Watch was unveiled; or might there be yet "one more thing" Apple is keeping from the public to announce at a later date?

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