Friday, April 10, 2015

Google showcases Android Wear diversity and customization

It probably wasn't "by chance" that Google decided to tout it's Android Wear diversity and customization possibilities just as Apple's Watch entered the pre-order phase; anyway, Google is well within reason to do so, and it's up to each one to make up is own mind.

There are different Android Wear devices, with some of them more desirable than others (the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R spring to mind), and Google tells us there are over 1000 watch faces available (this StarWatch looks particularly appealing :) and with the customization carrying over to the outside of the watch with an assortment of straps to make sure your smartwatch suits you.

For me, the best play for Google would be to announce an Android Wear app for iOS that allows users to use these devices even though they're using iPhones - something Apple will never do with its Apple Watch - and that could make some iOS users even consider choosing an Android device the next time they had to replace their smartphones.

After all, if several cross-platform smarwatches (like Pebble) are able to work in both platforms, why wouldn't Google be able to do the same for its Android Wear devices?

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