Saturday, April 11, 2015

iOS 8.3 is spawning an alien invasion on Twitter

The new iOS 8.3 not only taught Siri how to speak Portuguese, but is also having a curious effect on Twitter and other services: an alien invasion! And it's the new emoji's fault.

Apple's new iOS 8.3 comes with the latest emoji implementation, allowing for multi-cultural and racial diverse emoji; but the problem not every device and/or service is yet able to handle those. Those who don't show different placeholder images instead, causing weird effects like the alien symbol on Twitter, if you see one of these new emoji on a pre-iOS 8.3 iPhone.

This shouldn't take long to be fixed, as most services will hurry to correctly implement the new emoji (or at least provide a nicer fallback solution - something that sometimes may not be as easy as it sounds, as even a generic yellow color has been cause for concern) - or at least, I hope it will be done sooner rather than later.

Till then, be warned: should you see your device assailed by an alien invasion, this time it's not the aliens fault, but our very own earthlings with its racial-diverse requests that are to blame. (If it was me I would simply reduce the emoji to stick figures and be done with it... though I can imagine someone would probably accuse me of "making fun" of anorectic people or harassing fat people, or something like that.)

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