Friday, May 29, 2015

Google Photos breaks free of Google+ and gets unlimited photo and video backups

There's been no shortage of news regarding Google IO, but I'll be focusing on the much awaited Google Photos, now free from Google+.

Google IO has show us the next Android M, with a more powerful Google Now; their Internet of Things Brillo and Weave (hoping to make us forget the "never-to-be-seen" Android@Home); and even offline navigation in Google Maps;  but the spotlight was reserved for Google Photo.

Let's face it, Google Photo management was a mess. It wasn't easy to manage the local photos, local albums, cloud albums, and who knows what else we might get in there. And now, things are much simpler. Google Photo severs its tied to Google+ (you can get it for Android, iOS, or simply on the web.)

The idea is to simply have all the photos you ever took, from multiple devices, in a single place, allowing you to easily scroll through months or years (you don't have to worry about having space for all the photos - Google Photos shows it all even though they're not actually there on your device). Photos are automatically managed and sorted, and you can search by people or location, or even by text like "snow" or "sunset".

Better yet, Google can now backup your photos of up to 16MP and Full HD Video with unlimited storage space. (Your photos will be compressed, but Google says they retain nearly identical quality to the original). It's a lot better than what we had (previously, you could only have up to 2048px sized photos).

Sharing is also a lot easier. One can now select a bunch of photos, and get a link we can send to friends (or the world), and they won't even have to be Google users to be able to see it - though if they are, they'll be able to easily add those photos to their own photo albums.

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