Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to fix Blogger disappearing comments problem

There's nothing more annoying than taking the time to comment on a blog post (like this one), just to find it disappeared when you send it, forcing you to type it again - or, more lkely, to not even bother. This is an issue plaguing the Blogger commment system, but there's a way you can prevent it from happening to you.

Before you start typing your comment, you should always check the "Comment as:" field and see if it shows your name/username, or if it simply shows a generic "Google account":

If you don't see your name in there, you must first login into one of the accepted services. or anything you type will be gone when you press publish,

Problem: the thing is, Blogger is not showing a "login" button. When you try and send a comment, you'll first be directed to the authentication process, and the comment will be lost

Solution: before you type your comment, first click "preview". This will ensure you'll actually logged in in the selected service. And then you'll be able to comment without the fear of losing what you typed.

This same procedure is valid for all sites/blogs using the Blogger comment system, as well as desktop/mobile browsers. Until the Blogger team does something about it, be sure your name is on the "comment as" field when you want to comment on something.

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