Monday, September 21, 2015

Small URL can crash Chrome

If you use Chrome, you better beware. There's a small url that can crash your browser not only if you click on it, but also crash your tabs should you simply hover over it without clicking.

The URL validation in browsers is one of the most critical components of the entire system, but it seems there are still some nasty URL that can pass through the cracks. The short, weird looking URL is all that it's needed to crash Chrome if you click on it: http://a/%%300

More annoyingly, it can still cause trouble if you don't click on it and simply hover your mouse over it. Meaning: you can't even hover over it to see if a suspect link has this URL. Though in this case is "simply" crashes your tabs and not the entire browser.

This bug affects Chrome for Windows, Mac, and even Opera 32 (based on the same Chromium 45 source.) Anyway, until Google fixes the issue, you better beware of clicking or pointing at links some "friends" might sent you. (Though you can probably get them back by pointing them to Super Logout. ;)

Update: there's already a minefield style game for Chrome, where you'll have to follow the right path, or face an immediate "game over" (crash) should you stray away!

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