Friday, January 22, 2016

Weather gets a new look on Android

If you regularly check for the weather on your Android device, today you'll be greeted with a new weather report card, featuring a cute frog alongside more detailed weather data.

On Android, you can check the weather by sliding into the Google Now pane or simply searching or asking for the weather. And instead of the previous interactive report card, you'll now find an expanded and colorful weather report. This new weather report includes added data like: hourly sky conditions and chance of rain, severe weather alerts, a detailed 10-day forecast, air quality, UV index, sunrise and sunset times, and more. You can also save your favorite locations by searching for a new location and selecting "Add", which will add them to a drop-down location selector in search. And... you also get a cartoon style weather representation.

Though this is a web based report card, for now it's only available on Android  - though I imagine Google will expand it to its iOS Google app as well, eventually.

The cartoon style of the weather report may not please those who prefer to have a more "analytical" view of weather reports; but if that's the case you won't have trouble finding dozens of weather apps with suitable visual style. For the most part, I welcome the added info, particularly the sunrise and sunset times, which is something I'm used to having in the stock iOS weather app (which in this new Android improved version also includes dawn and dusk, as well as how much time of day light you still have left.)

Now... if only there was an app that instead of reporting the weather forecasts would allow us to set the desired weather for any particular day... :)

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