Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Are iPhones getting slower with newer iOS versions?

If you feel your iPhone is getting slower over the years, you are not alone. But, does this mean it is actually getting slower, or is it just our perception, as new, faster, devices pop up every year? Nothing like putting it up to a test and find out once and for all.

To really find out if the iPhone "slow down" is real (this doesn't apply just to iPhones, but that's beside the point); nothing like putting 5 identical iPhone 4S side by side, each with a different version of iOS, from the oldie iOS 5 to the current iOS 9.

And... there are indeed differences. Though in some odd cases things got faster in a newer iOS (particularly iOS6 over iOS5) most of the time things got slower and slower... and slower. So, it's not just "you" that are running out of patience, your iPhone is definitely getting slower over the years. Not, just let loose all the conspiracy theories, that may claim this is done on purpose, as a way to make people buy newer iPhones.

Though I'm not inclined to say it's a conspiracy (as a developers I'm well aware of feature creep that makes software become ever more complex) I think Apple (and Google, and MS) should at the very least make sure that any new feature they add won't make things run slower in older hardware... If at all, things should run even faster and better, in a more optimized and efficient way. Or else, this is the same road that led us to our current desktop OS, the ones requiring several dozen gigabytes just to be there...

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