Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Kanye West caught pirating software on Pirate Bay

As a public figure, Kanye West is a anti-piracy advocate, promoting the use of streaming platforms like Tidal saying it pays artists better; but in private, it seems he has no problems in pirating even affordable music software using Pirate Bay.

Kanye West probably thought sharing a photo of his computer screen promoting the listening of Sufjan Stevens on YouTube was a great idea. However, some of his browsers tabs inadvertently revealed some illicit behavior, downloading pirate software from Pirate Bay.

The tabs titles leave no room for error; Kanye West seems to be interested in the Xfer Records' Serum software synth but doesn't want to pay the $189 it costs. So, he simply headed to Pirate Bay, where he found what he want... for free (and as right next to it we see a tab with the 50 best VST/AU plugins; one might suspect that wasn't the only thing he downloaded from Pirate Bay).

Besides, he can't even try and explain this with the usual "I just wanted to try it before buying", as Serum is available in a demo version on the official site - and I don't think $189 is too high a price to ask, particularly for a a famous, professional artist, like Kanye.

So... what now? How can anyone even care (if they did till now) what Kanye West may say regarding copyright and the ilegal download of his music; after all, he's doing just the same for the tools he uses to create said music. Comically, I can imagine Kanye West trying to wiggle his way out of this saying the added publicity for Serum will far outweigh the cost of his illegal download - and if that's the case, just remember to say the same should you decide to download one of his musics. ;P

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