Thursday, March 10, 2016

Google+ Creator wants another go at making Google+ successful

Looks like the demise of Google+ was greatly exaggerated and Google wants to have another go at it, and this time it may be doing it the right way.

Google+ was launched as being a core system for everything Google, and that was achieved by forcing users into using it whether they wanted it or not. Well, people don't like being forced into using anything, and the result was a huge resistance into using it - even though they might have enjoyed it if things had been done differently. Fast forward a bit more, and Google ended up turning into a "do-not-talk-about-Google+" affair, and once again extracting all the services that had previously been attached to the plataform (Hangouts, Photos, etc.).

Now it seems we're entering round two. Google+ Create is a program that hopes to attract regular users posting high quality content on Google+; hoping that will lead to a healthy dose of avid followers, and seeding the path to a fruitful platform - the way Google should have done it from the start, instead of antagonizing users by forcing them into it.

Everyone can apply, gaining a badge and special access to new Google+ features as well as the possibility to influence the path of how Google+ will evolve.

Can Google+ be brought back from the ashes? In a way it would be kind of funny for Google+ to succeed this time... proving that the way you do things is quite important, even if you're one of the most powerful companies in the world.

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