Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Facebook will show you ads even if your use adblockers

If you thought Facebook's main goal was just to "sell you" to advertisers, then you'll have your confirmation soon, as Facebook has decided it will show ads even to users using adblockers.

Facebook has published a long article explaining these changes, where it says users just use adblockers due to annoying ads and such, and that its new system, where each user will have a much larger control over the kinds of ads it sees, will ensure they'll only see "interesting ads" - but making sure they'll see it even if they use adblockers.

It even resorts to some tactics we'd expect to see from smaller companies, like referring the fact that some adblockers get paid to let some ads through (but failing to mention they still give users control over if they want to see it or not - unlike themselves). I'm sure Facebook has the capability to make blocking ads much harder... but they should be aware that, with this action, they've literally opened a can of worms, where adblockers will especially target - and likely foil - whatever measures they come up with.

At the same time, as if Facebook didn't know enough about each user already, this "ad control" they promise will allow them to gather even more data about user's interests, that ad publishers will certainly love to take advantage of.

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