Monday, August 8, 2016

Philips Hue about to get a motion sensor module

Philip's Hue family of devices is about to welcome a well needed new member: a wireless motion sensor to free you from the apps.

We've talked about "smart lamps" before, and how using an app to turn a ligh on or off is a major step backwards compared to having a switch on the wall. Believe, it may sound cool for the first couple of days... but just try and turn on the lamps when your smartphone has run out of juice, or when you're in the middle of something important (like catching a Pokémon), and you'll soon realize its far more practical to use the wall switch.

The only way it can get better is having to use neither apps nor the wall switch, and that's where the new Philips Hue motion sensor comes in.

Though you can use IFTTT to automate lots of things with your Hue lamps (or led strips, or chandeliers) - like turning on at sun down, off at a preset time, or even make a lamp blink or change color when you receive an important email or when it will rain the next day - a motion sensor ends up being one of the best ways to automate your lights at home (and not become dependent on internet connectivity.).

Now we just have to wait of the official launch... and hope the price is competitive enough.

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