Saturday, August 6, 2016

Strava beacon lets you share your location with friends

If you like to jog or cycle alone but want someone to keep an eye out for you, Strava can now help with its new Beacon features.

With Strava Beacon, the popular tracking app can share your location in real-time with up to three trusted contacts, so they can monitor you every step of the way. The app generates a URL, meaning you can share your workout location even with friends that don't use the app; and it also allows them to see if you paused your workout for a long period of time (ok, you can use it as an incentive not to stop so many times), if you've wondered off, or if your battery is running out.

It's a nice safety feature, but it's only available to premium users. So, there may be users that might be tempted to join in the premium subscription ($6/month or $60/year) thanks to this new feature - in addition to the advanced training programs and other features - or those that will simply prefer to jog/cycle with friends, and save the money.

After all, the app already does most of the things most people need, for free...

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