Friday, August 5, 2016

Waze gets "child remiders" so you won't forget them in the car

Losing a child because you forgot about him/her inside a car on a hot summer day must be one of the most horrifying experiences anyone could ever face. Now, Waze tries to help prevent such situations via a new Child reminder setting.

Waze is already the must-have app for many drivers around the world (I suspect I can't even drive around without it), and this new setting will be a nice addition for anyone driving around with a baby or child in the backseat. The Child reminders" can be enabled in the settings, and you can even customize the message it will show when you reach your destination.

Some friends often ask me "but do you really enter a destination every time you enter your car" - and yes I do. It's not really about knowing how to get there, but taking advantage of the traffic info Waze has, and that might help you take an alternate route in case of an accident of major traffic slowdowns. Now, you can add the child alerts to the reason why you should always enter a destination.

If as tiny popup reminding you to check your backseat may save you from the traumatic experience of killing your own child because you simply "forgot", what more reasons do you need to enable it right away?

(Keep in mind nothing stops you from using these child alerts for anything else you might want to be remind of as you leave you car - maybe you want to be sure you lock your doors, or take your laptop with you...)

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