Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Galaxy Note 7 has the best screen ever

OLED screens have always promised to be the "next best thing" in screen technology, and the new Galaxy Note 7 proves it beyond any reasonable doubt.

Samsung has been betting on OLED screens for mobile devices for years, and from the first generations with reduced brightness, polemic subpixel arrangements, and over-saturated colors, things have steadily improved to the point where the latest Galaxy S7 models had some of the best screens ever. But now, the new Galaxy Note 7 tops all that and becomes the best mobile device screen ever tested by DisplayMate.

The 2560x1440 has amazing color calibration (up to Ultra HD standards) and supports HDR. In fact, its the first Super AMOLED screen that can surpass 1000 nits of brightness, which really makes the HDR aspect stand out with an incredible contrast ratio that blows LCDs out of the water. It also comes with dual light sensors (in front and back) to ensure it's always at the best level - and it doesn't even skimp on the other side of the scale, maintaining amazing color reproduction even in the ultra-dim settings.

It's no surprise Apple wants to use OLED screens for next year's generation of iPhone. And I just can't understand why, knowing all this, Samsung is still lagging behind LG when it comes to large screen OLED TVs (where it touts its "LCDs" as being better than OLEDs.)

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