Wednesday, September 14, 2016

10 "secret" iOS 10 features you're likely to miss

The new iOS 10 comes with things you won't be able but notice like the new lock screen, but there are lots of other changes that might go unnoticed. Here are some of the most interesting.

1. "Delete" Apple's apps

After years of forcing users into creating a "junk folder" to hide the increasing number of apps you weren't able to delete even if you never planned to use it; iOS 10 finally allows you to remove most of Apple's system apps.

Well... technically you're just hiding it from view, but that's fine with us.

2. Unlock the iPhone with a tap instead of click

With the new lock screen you're forced to click the home button to wake up and then unlock your iPhone. But if you head into the Accessibility settings, you'll be able to activate the "Rest Finger to Open", so you'll save some button clicking (and get used to the iPhone 7 non-clicking solid state button).

3. Low/medium/bright flashlight

Using an iPhone as a flashlight if often convenient... but you don't always need a blinding light. If you have a 3D Touch iPhone (6S and 7), you can now press harder on the flashlight icon and access different brightness settings.

4. 3D Touch quick actions

One more feature of 3D Touch iPhones. Instead of basic shortcuts, apps can now provide widgets that can do real work without even opening the app. For instance, for calculators like Pcalc it means you can do calculations right from the home screen by pressing hard on the app icon.

5. iMessage message effects

iMessage had a lot of work done. Now, you can long press on the send button to select effects that will add a extra layer of communication to a text.

6. Quick emotion replies

Also on iMessage, double tapping a message allows you to quickly react to it, be it a love, thumbs up/down, laugh, etc. that will be displayed on a floating bubble right next to it.

7. Select favorite contact methods for each contact

If you use SMS for a contact, but a other app for other people, you can now customize your favorite way to contact each one. Just long press on the message/mobile/video/mail icon, and choose accordingly - even with supported 3rd party apps.

8. Bedtime

Have a regular sleeping schedule? The iOS 10 clock app now has a bedtime section that can help you track/keep your sleeping habits.

... How I wished I could make use of this feature! ;P

9. Emoji suggestions

Emoji fans beware. Switching to the emoji keyboard on the iMessage app will light up all recognized words, and you need only touch them to replace the words with the corresponding emoji. (No more hunting down hard to find emoji!)

10. Multiple simultaneous dictionaries

Last but not least, multilingual users no longer have to manually jump back and forth between different keyboard (unless we're talking about completely different keyboards, like chinese/arabic/etc.) In iOS 10 you can head into settings and select multiple simultaneous dictionaries and the keyboard will automatically sort it out as you type.

... Now all that's missing is the ability to type "swype-style"... :)

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