Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Samsung will limit recalled Galaxy Note 7 to 60% battery charge

Samsung has acknowledged the embarrassing battery problem in the Galaxy Note 7 and will replace it free of charge for all, but now has to find a way to handle users not sending their smartphones back, and is about to place a 60% battery cap to prevent overheating and exploding issues.

Limiting the maximum battery charge to 60% is a much better option than the "nuclear" one some rumors had been saying, that Samsung was about to completely disable all the affected Note 7 units remotely. But the same thing still applies: even though Samsung is trying its best, there are sure to be some users that will have their device offline and will have to hand over his/her Note 7 of their own free will.

In fact, its strange if they won't as Samsung is replacing all devices free of charge - and is many cases they even offer some sort os "sorry for your trouble" bonus.

Just keep in mind that fixed Galaxy Note 7's will have a blue S next to its barcode, to indicate they're safe to use. So, should you be on the market for a Galaxy Note 7 in the coming months (and keep in mind we're talking about one of the best smartphones out there at the moment), be sure to keep an eye out for it, so you won't end up having a nasty surprise... of the explosive kind.

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