Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fidget Cube for $17

Do you remember the Fidget Cube, a gadget that doesn't actually do anything but to let you click, rotate and slide different kinds of buttons on a small cube? Well, it's now available for $17.

The Fidget Cube crowdfunding campaign got over  6 million dollars, and it now becomes one more project that was preemptively copied by Chinese manufacturares. While the official project is still voting on what colors to produce, several online stores are already selling Fidget Cubes for $17 shipping in just over one week.

It's not a particular cheap price for a device that doesn't do anything (and you could get one for about the same amount on the Kickstarter campaign) but if you opted out of it because of the shipping charges, which could double the cost of a single cube, it becomes a lot more interesting, as you can get it with free shipping, putting it back in the "I need to get me one of those" territory.

Should you be able to resist this kind of gadgets, then I'd recommend you to wait a little bit longer, as I'm sure these clones will be sold a lot cheaper as soon as the novelty factor wears off (I'd risk say the ideal price for such a device should be under $5...)

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