Thursday, October 27, 2016

Microsoft unveils the Surface Studio all-in-one

There were rumors regarding a possible expansion of Microsoft's Surface family to the desktop, and here it is: the Surface Studio - which brings the magic of the original Surface table and the PixelSense technology to our homes.

The Surface Studio is deluxe All-in-One computer, and it only takes a look to show it. It comes with a 28" touchscreen with 4500x3000 pixels (that's 13.5 million pixels compared to the 8.3 millions on a 4K display). And it can show two A4 pages, side-by-side, in actual size.

The Surface Studio comes with a "zero gravity" hinge that allows users to easily tilt it till it becomes a drawing table, and besides the pencil you also get a new dial controller that you can use for added interaction.

The hardware is tucked away at the Studio's base: you get Core i5 and i7 CPUs, 8 to 32GB RAM, a Nvidia GTX 965M or 980M (pity it's not a GTX 1080), and up to 2TB in a "Rapid Hybrid Drive" which combines a traditional hard drive with SSD.

The only bad thing about it... prices start at $3000 and go upwards of $4000. :(
  • $2999 : Intel Core i5 (Skylake), 8 GB DDR4, 1TB, GTX 965M 2GB
  • $3499 : Intel Core i7 (Skylake), 16 GB DDR4, 1TB, GTX 965M 2GB
  • $4199 : Intel Core i7 (Skylake), 32 GB DDR4, 2TB, GTX 980M 4GB

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