Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Xiaomi Mi Mix is just 9% away from a full frontal screen phone

We've been waiting for a complete borderless screen smartphone for years, and now Xiaomi inches a bit closer to it with its new 6.4" Mi Mix smartphone.

This isn't the first attempt at creating a borderless smartphone. Sharp had its Aquos Crystal way back in 2014; and in fact, it's Sharp yet again that is pushing this idea forward, as they've recently shown their rounded corners screen prototype, which seems to have prompted Xiaomi to create this 6.4" Mi Mix.

The Mi Mix sure tries its best to be a "future-phone". The 6.4" borderless screen (which makes this phablet having dimensions similar to smaller phablet) would be enough to impress anyone but Xiaomi didn't stop there. It has a ceramic body that you won't be able to scratch, and instead of a speaker it uses piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology. The traditional IR proximity sensor is also replaced by a ultrasonic sensor place behind the screen, and as far as hardware specs go, there's no room for complaint either: Snapdragon 821, 4GB+128GB or 6GB+256GB, 16MP main camera and a front, ultra-compact, camera hidden in it's "chin". There's also room for a plentiful 4400mAh battery.

Prices aren't that obscene considering all the tech you're getting - ¥3,499 ($515/€475) and  ¥3,999 ($589/€572) . The hard part will be actually getting your hands on one of these devices, as I'm sure they'll sell off as fast as Xiaomi is able to make them.

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