Monday, October 24, 2016

Google Assistant vs Siri

Apple made sure the entire world knew about Siri when it was launched, but since then things seem to have remained basically the same... and it seems Google Assistant may even have the upper hand.

It's a pity Apple didn't invest in Siri as much as it probably should (the team responsible for creating Siri has since left Apple and is promising us a much improved assistant), because it doesn't take much for us to realize that the impression of intelligence is shallow, and completely falls apart should you try and take things a bit further than direct questions or actions.

But that's not to say the current generation of voice assistants isn't useful; and today I bring youa video that puts Siri and Google Assistant to the test.

There's one thing I'm sure people using both systems have already noticed. Google's Assistant does indeed provide more spoken answers (which is probably the point when you're talking to it) than Siri, which often say "here it is" and shows you a nice card of results on screen...

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