Saturday, October 1, 2016

iMessage "phoney" sticker pack to be removed from App Store

With iOS 10, Apple's Messages app (previously known as iMessage) received a lot of new features, including special effects and stickers. But it seems Apple is not too keen on some of the creative forms it's being put to use with, particularly when it can wreak havoc on conversations with "phoney" messages.

The "sticker" feature allows us to add, well, stickers on top of the message area, and is mostly associated with logos, emoticons, and all sorts of colorful expressions. But there's actually no limit to what it can do; we've already seen grammar check stickers, and now there's one (though probably not for long) that assumes the style of the messages themselves.

With the phoneys pack, you can easily overwrite someone's messages with a sticker saying something completely different, and create a big mess on any conversation.

Sure, it's funny for most, but Apple thinks otherwise and has already asked (as in: demanded)  it's creator to change it to a different style that ensures people won't mistake it for a real message "or else"...

The thing is, if it relies on a different style then it defeats the whole purpose. Well... it was funny while it lasted. Now, let's just hope Apple will soon add a "disable all doodly-stickly stuff" option in Messages, for people that just want to use it to communicate without being pulled into a unwanted battlefield of effects and other stuff jumping around their screens.

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