Thursday, October 11, 2012

AMD Trinity APU reaches 7.3GHz in Overclock

Although the "gigahertz" race that CPU manufacturers battled along for some time has since given way to other ways to improve computer power - mainly by adding extra CPU cores - instead of increasing its speed to higher and higher frequencies, with all the extra heat and power waste that came along; the truth is that there are still enthusiasts that pride themselves in pushing the hardware to the limit.

In the CPUs... the overclockers never stop to try and squeeze just a little extra megahertz out of their systems, and we can see just hor far things can go, with the latest AMD APU Trinity going up to an amazing 7.3Ghz!

Although these extreme overclocks are achieved with the help of liquid nitrogen, to keep the chips from "burning up", it's also quite impressive that AMD's APU was able to work at up to 5.1Ghz using nothing but air cooling - within the realm of "everyday use".

Just for reference the AMD A10-5800K standard operating frequencies are 3.8-4.2Ghz.

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