Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Curiosity Screws on Mars?

NASA's Curiosity Rover on Mars may be the most advanced mobile laboratory ever created, but strange shiny object that popped up while using the scoop on its robotic arm for the first time is generating a lot of interest by scientists and... everyone else.

The shiny piece stands out from the usual martian landscape, and it has prompted a lot of theories as to what it might be: some say it might be the hatch to a secret underground extra-terrestrial base (LOST in Mars?) other say it's simply a loose screw that fell to the ground... and that prompts us to think who will go there to screw it back in place - do you think NASA's insurance policies include travel assistance on Mars?

Anyway, let's hope it's nothing too serious, and that this metallic glimmer is just one more hint that might help us better understand our neighboring planet.

1 comment:

  1. I fear they all ready know what it is:


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